Why Work with a Recruiter?

Why Work with a Recruiter?

For companies to shoulder the burden of recruiting in-house is not as cost effective as outsourcing those services to a reputable staffing company like Recruiting Technology International. The recruiters at RTI have a leg up on such departments as well as the industry as a whole. This expertise is extremely valuable no matter what industry your business is in. Many of those considering hiring a recruiting company have certain reservations and concerns, primarily the cost associated with such an action. Why would you need to hire another company simply to hire employees? Why not just cut out the middleman and pocket the difference?

If you’re in a business, no matter what the field, your primary goal is to make money. One way to do that is mitigate unnecessary expenditures. However, I submit the following to you. Consider the cost of hiring the wrong employee. Consider the cost of hiring what could possibly be many unsuitable employees. Where do you see your company headed when the employee infrastructure collapses? Recruiting services have a sole purpose of finding you, the employer, the right personnel equipped with not only the necessary skill set, but the most qualified individual our determined research provides. Reason one to hire a recruiter: you can’t afford not to.

Another way to gather new hires to your door step is to, of course, advertise. This will allocate resources in one way or another. You either pay an agency to do the work or you pay current employees to stop doing their job and instead search for new hires. Your business is not as productive as it could have been, and if this position is for a more senior role it could cause anxiety within the ranks and have your employees asking why they are not being considered for the role. With a recruiter on the job, you can expect one-hundred percent confidentiality so your employees can be productive in their current roles as well as not fretting over office growing pains. Such growing pains would most certainly take much longer to resolve without a recruiter. In a troubled economy like we are experiencing today, the best workers are already employed. A recruiter is immersed in the marketplace, and can stealthily make their way into hiring top talent with discretion, even if they are already employed by another company. Reason two to hire a recruiter: swift, silent, effective.

The recruiter can wear many hats, and an informed intermediary is one of them. They have to negotiate on behalf of both parties for what is best for everyone. Negotiating with potential hires in this economy without the assistance of the professional recruiter wastes time that not many have. Time is money, and to save your company time is to save your profits. They must have the ability to seek out and close in on potential hires that “hit the ground running” and will not waste any time during this fragile transition. Reason three to hire a recruiter: time is money.

Contracting with a recruiter is vital, ask more questions, or get your contract with RTI started today.

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