Texting and Email Etiquette in a Business Setting

Texting and Email Etiquette in a Business Setting

In our modernized society Emails and Texts are becoming more and more prevalent. It’s vital to know and understand professionalism in these newer communication mediums.

Make sure you remember that while using these forms of communication can be convenient, it is often better to communicate face-to-face or at least over the phone.

As with any business documentation, what you say should be formal. You should avoid slang and acronyms (especially acronyms that are not widely known). What you send out by email or text still reflects back on your company and as always you should be courteous, timely, and organized.

It is also extremely important that you communicate effectively. Avoid sending information that can be misunderstood. If you realize the information has been misinterpreted you should call or meet face-to-face to clarify and to avoid further confusion.

To continue, consider when you send the information. Avoid sending messages before or after work hours, or when you know the recipient will not have time (maybe they are in an important meeting).

Below is a link to a resource that has proven to be extremely valuable on all things grammar and etiquette.

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