Talent Sourcing

Cyber-Sleuths. Search Gurus. Talent Miners.

In addition to scouring the open web, conducting in-depth research, and cold-calling into organizations, we leverage the full power of large and niche recruiting sites, online industry organizations, university sites, social networking sites, professional networking sites, online industry publications, local community sites, diversity sites, and blogs. Our talent sourcing services provide an extremely cost effective way to find candidates, typically saving clients half the cost of agency placement fees along with thousands of dollars in job board subscription and membership fees.

Our sourcing services are à la carte and fully scalable to meet your unique requirements.


Full-Cycle Sourcing, including:


RTI will partner with your recruiters on multiple requisitions, providing full sourcing support from intake sessions, research, and strategic sourcing to pre-screening/qualifying each potential candidate. This extensive legwork is done before submitting resumes to your recruiters.

  • Candidate Pre-screening and/or Screening – Our years of sourcing experience in the technology sector will save your team hours of work, allowing them to focus on their core function, while we qualify hidden talent for your opportunities.
  • Resume Generation – We’ll scour the web, job boards, and social media sites for ideal profiles and resumes of strong candidates. Depending on the complexity of the role you’re filling, we can provide initial resumes for review within 24 hours.



With RTI you really can have it all.

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