Recruiting the right candidate

Recruiting the right candidate

Recruiting the right candidate starts with your company culture. We work to understand your culture before sending a resume.

Companies across a variety of industries hire RTI to be their partner in recruiting.  Because we provide our clients with tailored recruiting and talent sourcing solutions, we create competitive advantage through quality hires resulting in measurable, bottom-line business impacts for our clients.

Founded in 2000, RTI is a Veteran-Owned company where teamwork and client collaboration are second nature to us.  We will do more than work for you…we’ll work together with you to identify, attract, recruit and help you make exceptional hiring choices.  Our goal is a solution that makes sense for you and your company – regardless of project size.

We provide staffing assistance with Temporary-to-Permanent, Temporary Help, Contract Consultants, Placement and Long-Term Staffing, along with these professional recruiting services:



Contact us to discuss your unique challenges.  Once we thoroughly understand your specific business and hiring objectives, we will customize a solution that meets your volume requirements, hiring timelines and budgetary needs.


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