Contract Recruiting

You have the needs. We have the talent. Together, we’ll create success.

Do you find yourself with more hiring needs than you can keep up with?

Due to dynamic market conditions, the job of many Recruiting Managers has become increasingly difficult. As they try to manage internal recruiting headcount and assets, they are often constrained by dwindling budgetary resources. RTI’s contract recruiting solution provides a short-term and immediate fix with minimal ramp up time.

Our recruiters specialize in tech recruiting and have experience with both large enterprises and smaller start-ups – virtually eliminating downtime at a project’s inception. We draw on vast research resources, a dedicated Talent Sourcing team, and rely on seasoned and tenacious recruiters to deliver you the best-fit talent.

The process is fluid and the return on your investment is amazing.

Our contract recruiters devote themselves to learning your company quickly and effectively – its key employment values, differentiators, and unique challenges. These recruiters will be dedicated solely to your hiring needs. Once an RTI recruiter is embedded within the client’s organization, we average between 2-12 hires per month depending on the type of positions being recruited.

The ROI for higher-volume and ongoing hiring is far better using a contract recruiting model. Our solution can accommodate hiring surges without your taking on additional recruitment personnel.

Once we thoroughly understand your business/hiring objectives, we will customize a solution that meets your volume requirements, hiring timelines, and budgetary needs.


Customizing solutions for your benefit.

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