Interview with RTI’s VP on the Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter

Interview with RTI’s VP on the Benefits of Hiring a Recruiter

If you’re contemplating hiring a recruiter, consider the advice Rebecca Bailey, Vice President of Recruiting Operations, has to offer about how using a recruiter will help you, and why RTI will be your best choice.

What do you consider to be the biggest benefit for companies using a recruiter?

There are two benefits that stand out most to me.

1. Companies can hire RTI on a contract recruiting basis, eliminating overhead.  They do not have to pay for medical benefits, holidays, vacations, etc. they are hiring a recruiter to work a certain number of hours for a certain period of time.  This recruiter becomes part of their recruiting team. The recruiter attends all recruiting meetings/calls, work directly with the hiring teams, and they represent the company to all potential candidates. Anyone outside company will believe they are a direct employee.  This is often critical as people like to know they are talking directly to someone at a particular firm.  The contract recruiter has a better understanding of the internal process, the environment and the culture of the company they represent. This is really important in helping to secure a hire.

2. Hire RTI on a Contingency recruiting basis. No risk and all reward for the company. We’re paid only if the company hires our candidates. We also provide our 90-day guarantee that ensures the company’s satisfaction with the hire or we’ll replace that person at no charge.

We have other offerings, but the two listed above offer a company some of the greatest benefits in that we can begin immediately and start filling positions quickly. They are both seamless process that will lead to success for both parties.

How is the work you do different from companies hiring people in a more traditional manner (i.e. posting a job opening and waiting for applicants)?

What we do here at RTI is very different from the traditional way of recruiting. We take the time to really understand the needs of the company and the people they want to hire.  We focus on quality, not quantity. We dive deep into the position to not only understand the requirements; but, we also understand the culture of the team, the project(s), the demographics, and the environment. We want to make sure we are presenting candidates that fit into all these different areas.  We have recruiters that are LinkedIn Certified and AIRS certified. They are experts in sourcing and x-raying the internet to find candidates that are not listed on open job boards, LinkedIn, etc.

What is the success rate of the positions RTI fills? (How many people have ended up as valuable, long-term employees?)

It is really hard to measure this. We have been in business since 2000. We have hired candidates in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, Marine Engineering,and  Government/Defense, to name a few.  Many candidates, over the years and in various fields, have long term careers for the companies we helped place them in.  We even had one candidate, that moved up into a management role after being hired, retain RTI to fill positions he was now responsible for filling.

Success is how RTI can find, qualify, and fill a requisition for a company and make a successful partnership for both parties for years to come.  We take pride in our ability to do this and the appreciation we get back is companies returning to RTI to fill new positions.

What makes RTI stand out when compared to other recruiting companies?

RTI stands out because we work with an organization as a true partner. We identify, attract, recruit, and hire the best talent available. Quality is our priority. We understand that reducing the time to fill, and promoting exceptional hiring choices, is what makes our clients successful.  We provide the best talent in a reasonable amount of time. Their success is our success, which is why a true partnership is vital.

What advice would you give to a company considering hiring a recruiter?

Contact RTI. Let us evaluate your situation, your needs, and put together a proposal that is intriguing and precise. It will show you how we can partner together for success.  We will provide a detailed road map on how to evaluate, repair, scale, or revitalize your existing recruiting function.  We will accomplish this together and ensure your new model is a success and you are achieving a higher ROI.

Ready to take the first step? Contact RTI today.

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