I engaged RTI in 2011 on an 6-month contract recruiting engagement and my experience with RTI has been awesome. Their engagement still continues today. RTI’s recruiters have formed true partnerships with their Autodesk hiring managers and work diligently to ensure that Autodesk’s hiring standards are maintained at the highest levels. We consider RTI to be an integral part of our team and their recruiters have been assigned to support several difficult, high-visibility hiring projects in which they were very successful. We continue to value RTI’s partnership and teamwork.

Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Autodesk

INDUS engaged RTI in a 3-month Recruitment Process Analysis contract 5 years ago. We realized that our recruiting process needed improvement and we wanted a trusted partner to help us enhance it. Within 3 months, RTI had replaced our existing recruiting team – our average time to fill was reduced from 120+ days to 42 days – our hiring volume was higher, which means our cost per hire was significantly reduced. Since that time, RTI helped implement much more efficient recruiting processes, assisted in hiring our internal recruiting staff, configured our applicant tracking system, and remains our trusted partner and recruiting solutions provider today.


In February of 2012, RTI became an integral part of our recruiting team, quickly proving we made the right decision. Our initial focus was to have RTI manage our recruiting process including managing outside vendors while also providing contingency services as we ramped up our internal team. RTI took this trusted partnership to the next level by supporting us through an aggressive growth period. RTI supported our 2012 hiring campaign and proudly became the top performing contingency recruiting firm supporting our hiring efforts as we looked to staff our company with some of the best and brightest minds focused on leveraging data to solve our customer’s most challenging business problems. RTI will continue being an integral role in our anticipated growth for the years to come.

HR Leader, Guavus

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