Why Work with a Recruiter?

For companies to shoulder the burden of recruiting in-house is not as cost effective as outsourcing those services to a reputable staffing company like Recruiting Technology International. The recruiters at RTI have a leg up on such departments as well as the industry... read more

Higher Salary Versus a Better Work-Life Balance

Most of us have been in such a situation that leads to one or the other: more money or a better work-life balance. Even more of us have played with the idea that the best version of our career will have one or both. Although most of the time that’s not the case. In my... read more

Texting and Email Etiquette in a Business Setting

In our modernized society Emails and Texts are becoming more and more prevalent. It’s vital to know and understand professionalism in these newer communication mediums. Make sure you remember that while using these forms of communication can be convenient, it is... read more

Tips on Conducting an Effective Job Interview

After narrowing down the pool of applicants that have been received, it’s time to start calling in people for interviews. The problem is: how do you know if you’re asking the right questions? It’s vital that you make the right choice on who to bring into your company,... read more

Why Working With A Recruiter Saves You Money

When you are inefficient in hiring, say taking too long or making bad hires, your profits suffer. So it makes sense to think that improving on your hiring process could also improve upon your budget. But when you try to balance reviewing applications, interviewing,... read more